Meet the Team


Chief Commercial Officer

As the Chief Commercial Officer for the Talentcorp group, Roland oversees commercial teams in the UK, South Africa, Canada and the United States, working closely with our clients and their commercial partners to design solutions, performance contracts and commercial models that best support their objectives and resourcing demands for their marketing and communications operations.

Key skills

Marketing and creative talent strategies, HR & Talent technologies, commercial models and contracting solutions.


Chief Services Officer

Thea is responsible for meeting the needs and expectations of clients through high-quality service delivery and exceptional client experience. She is dedicated to building the right team for your business, providing a service that helps you achieve your goals. Thea works with clients and stakeholders to develop good relationships, drive positive change, and make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to business strategies. She thrives when working collaboratively; and works hard to inspire and encourage those who work with her.

Key skills

Business strategy, client experience, account strategic direction, people management, communication.


Commercial Partner

As Commercial Partner for North America, Cindi uses her expertise to drive client growth in the region, providing companies with flexible marketing resources, access to worldwide creative talent and innovative digital solutions. She is passionate about helping people develop in their careers, and over the course of her career has placed over 250 professionals in operations, information technology, data science, digital, IoT, and marketing positions.

Key skills

Marketing and creative talent strategies, resource management, commercial models and contracting solutions.


Commercial Partner

As Commercial Partner for the UK, Fraser leads new business development as well as client growth throughout the UK. He is passionate about his clients success, and facilitates this by connecting them with exceptional, worldwide talent which includes creating flexible staffing or studio solutions to suit their every need.

Key skills

Marketing and creative talent strategies, new business development and strategies, sales, customer services and strategic planning.